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After reading through and complying with the following, click through on the acknowledgement below, and you will be taken to an application form for Volotea Virtual membership. Turnaround for properly completed applications is typically a day or two. Occasionally membership slots may run out, and then the wait will be somewhat longer. You will receive further information on your application status by email.


- You must be at least twelve (12) years of age.
- You must have a licensed copy of Flight Simulator software: FS9, FSX, P3D, or XPlane
- You can be running any operating system: MS Windows, MAC or linux.
- You must have an active email address.
- You will be required to maintain flight activity to remain a member.
- You will be bound by the regulations, the Standard Operating Procedures and the NOTAMs, and agree to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy. Ensure that you agree with our Privacy Policy before proceeding. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, you cannot participate in our operations.

Other Virtual Airlines hours transfer

Volotea Virtual allow up to 100 hours of transfer from other virtual airlines. Only if link to verify is given by the pilot

Email account

A Valid Email Address is a requirement for application, and for membership. You are required to maintain an up to date email address in your account profile at all times.
Pilots will periodically receive notices regarding the status of their membership, which may require a reply to prevent them from being deleted from the Volotea Virtual roster. If you do not keep your email address up to date, you could hazard the loss of your rank, seniority, and all hours flown.


All pilots are required to fly regularly to keep up currency and maintain their Volotea Virtual membership. Regular active pilots are required to fly at least one flight every thirty days. You will receive clear reminder notices if you are falling short of the expected standard. Pilots that do not remain current, will be deleted from the Roster.
After ninety (90) days of Volotea Virtual membership, up to ninety (90) days Leave of Absence (per calendar year) is available. This is accessed through your Flight Room (Pilot's Center), and can be taken as a block or as smaller blocks as required. In exceptional circumstances (eg. active Military Duty), special Leave of Absence may be granted by HR on a case by case basis.

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