Frequently Asked Questions
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Volotea Virtual is one of the virtual airline that follows its timetable in the world of simulations. Our reason is to make the flight online again fantastic. We believe in simplicity together with an unrivaled technology. We respect the "Prime Customers" policy, so our pilots are very important to us. You can reach us at any time.

Registration for the VA is free for any registered member of the IVAO , VATSIM , POSCON and with active pilot status (therefore not suspended and / or non-inactive).
To register simply visit our "Register" page, with careful reading of our rules, accept the conditions and proceed with registration.

No problem, everyone is not a born master. Join us and we will work together.

You need to visit to download section and download SmartCars and Volotea liveries. The process is simple just Bid and Fly, no choosing, nothing. Directly Bid and Fly.

Under special circumstances yes, Volotea Virtual gives its pilots an opportunity to explore the world at the screen of the computer. .

Simple, whenever the VA organises an event it would be published on the website and all social media platforms.

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